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Sherrie Lynn

Published December 28th 2012
Kindle Edition
428 pages
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 About the Book 

What happen to the next generations after The Great Migration and The Civil Rights Movement? In the novel, A Forward Motion, cousins Danielle and Crystal Alexanders world is woven into the 1970s fabric of this inner city transition with entrepreneurial parents, drug trafficking neighbors, and a love that knows no racial boundaries. Danielle compromises personal happiness as shes sucked into, and mesmerized by the luxuries of the all mighty dollar, even when acquired by illegal means or a legitimately prestigious source. Like many of us, Crystal is unknowingly already rich with integrity, insight, and the ability to wither, and weed out the undesirables that cross her path. Even if that means challenging friends, family, and man made definitions of Gods will. What is the proper progression for a formally enslaved race? From screaming star struck teenagers to budding entrepreneurs to deep religious convictions. From a troubled store front church to the enchanting world of Disney in Florida to the hottest black funk rock band in the country. From a neighborhood playground to the NBA to a breath taking ski resort. The characters innocent but often-gritty performance make this, a multi-cultural, eclectic thrill ride! Inspired by Actual Events, Looking To Sell As A Screen Adaptation.Show MoreShow